DIY wreath kit guide and tutorial

If you missed out on our workshops but feeling creative and  adventurous, you might have purchased one of our DIY wreath kits.

Here is a little step-by-step to guide you trough the mechanics, as well as the video on our IGTV channel which you can watch in our Instagram highlights.


What’s in the box:

-mixed greenery (including colourful bits according to your theme)

-dried bits, berries,grasses

-baubles, pine cones, dried oranges etc.

-moss ring with reel wire attached 


Step 1.

Lay out all your greenery and make little mixed bunches. It will help you speed up the process and to make sure you have enough to cover the moss ring. A selection of 3-5 pieces should make up one small bunch.

Step 2.

Start adding your greenery to the moss base. Try to push as many stems as possible into the moss. If you cut them on a slight angle, they’ll go in like a little spear. Anything that’s too soft or unruly, lay it on top and secure it with the wire. After every 3-4 stems, reinforce it with the wire, looping over the bottom of the stems tightly. Repeat the process until you’ve come full circle and completely covered the moss base from the top and sides. We advise you to follow a counter clockwise direction and to make sure you spin the wreath after every bunch so you won’t loose definition.

Step 3.

Once your greenery is all done and you’ve come full circle, it’s time to cut the wire and securely tie it off on the metal base inside the moss. Check the wreath for any gaps and if you need to trim it at all to make sure it’s round and it has a definition (you should be able to see a gap in the middle).

Step 4.

Add your decorations by pushing them into the base trough the greenery. Make sure to secure them tight enough and cut all excess wire or picks if it’s too long on the backside of the frame.


Step 5.

Choose your top and attach the ribbon to hang the wreath.

Make sure you keep the moss moist in order to help the greenery live until Christmas. You may carefully soak it time to time or just simply use a water spray.

Good luck and happy crafting from the Team x


Find our video here for a full visual guide: