About us

tiger lilily Guernsey florist

Tiger Lily was founded in 2018 by Tunde, a Hungarian born creative who has been living and working in Guernsey for the past decade. She has a background in visual arts and studied fine arts, philosophy, filmmaking and photography.

Running a small independent flower shop has always been her dream ever since growing up surrounded by nature at her grandparents farm and she was born into a family that has been gardening for generations. She did not only made that wish come true but a few years ago she also started to finally grow
some of her own flowers in a greenhouse allotment that allowed the business to become self supportive and even more sustainable. 

With her artistic background she has a different approach to nature and is well known for her flamboyant style in large scale arrangements as well as for her unusual colour combinations.

Tiger Lily’s creations always have plenty of movement, painting-like compositions and they focus on achieving a bridge between nature and the spectator. Over the years we have been building a community where people appreciate nature and their role in our lives, the ephemeral beauty of flowers and we have taught many workshops on different skills how one arrange them at their own home. 

Our ethos is to bring everyone a little closer to nature in their everyday lives while taking a walk on the wild side.