Bouquet care guide

After much experience and experiments, please see our guide to the longest lasting flowers.


We deliver our bouquets in a water pack to ensue safe travel, however  it is not suitable for the flowers long term.

Please transport the bouquet into a vase within a day.

2, CUT

Cut the stems on an angle and place the flowers in a clean, luke warm water, make sure the container is free of any debris or leaves. Repeat every 2 days.


Choose a clean, non-metallic container, make sure the stems are not packed too tightly.

Always keep flowers away from direct heat and draughts. Avoid windows, radiators, or draughty hallways.


Be aware, that not all flowers have the same vase life. When the arrangement is created, the florist try to ensue you have a selection, some last longer than others. Average vase life varies from 3 days to a week, soft stems wilt faster than hardy, woody ones.

Keep removing wilted stems to keep a clean environment for the remaining flowers to bloom.


If you feel you still have questions to ask or need additional help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.