New creative services

Over the past six years since Tiger Lily was born we have been part of hundreds of events and creative projects. With our background in fine art and photography, we have slowly realised that our role went above and beyond florals and we were lucky to coordinate interior design projects, oversee refurbishments, give advice on colour themes, style events down to the last fork, art direct photo shoots, become creative director to an art project and exhibition, produce visual content for social media for several small businesses and occasionally even model the products. We have realised the growing demand and how this has all evolved into a job on its own right and we are now officially ready to make our services available to everyone. Colour consultations, moodboards and visual boards, sourcing, project managing, just name it, we live and breathe being creative.
We will also dedicate a whole new separate insta page to it all as to not dilute the florals.