How to get the most out of your wedding flowers

As a florist we offer get asked how to decide on what’s important at a wedding and get the most out of the flowers so we thought to share some of our tips to help you navigate your big day.

Multipurpose arrangements 

Maximise the use of your florals throughout the day by asking your florist to design ceremony arrangements that can be moved to the reception easily. Also make sure there’s ample time and logistics for this to happen.  

Go big!

If you’re on a budget it’s always better to create fewer but larger arrangements to create focal points and draw the eye to them. Large prices also show up on photos more so they will be long lasting memories instead of blending into the background.


Leave the flower choices to the florist

Certain varieties or colours can become even triple the whole sale price during the “wedding season” and that can affect your budget as well as making the process difficult. It’s always easier to leave it to the experts to choose the ingredients in the agreed colour and style, so they can make sure to pick the most seasonal, most cost effective florals for you.


Make the bridal bouquet a showstopper 

As the most photographed and seen arrangement of the day, make sure the bridal bouquet is worthy of the big day. It also makes a perfect top table decor or can be added to the card or cake table for a floral touch. Splash out on the bridesmaids bouquets and you might even sorted some of the table decor.


Venue decor 

When planning, try to envisage yourself as your guest and imagine where will you spend the most time and what’s visible. Flowers can both hide or elevate features in spaces, a ceremony arch can easily become a photo booth while aisle arrangements can hide table legs or incanted storage. Always make sure to be mindful how your colours sit in a space, it is a common mistake to decide a colour theme before visiting the reception room/tent and often even the prettiest flowers suffer from being in a space that doesn’t resonate with them.