How to dismantle your Christmas wreath

Every year we feel more and more responsibility to follow up where our products eventually end their journey. With Christmas now over, we want to make sure that all your lovely wreaths we created don’t end up in the bin and that we provide the appropriate aftercare. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to dismantle them at home but if you don’t have the time or patience, we also offer to take them back at the shop so we can make sure nothing turns into unnecessary waste. 

 Step 1: Remove all decorations (pine cones, baubles, feathers etc.), these can be reused again if stored appropriately.


Step 2: Remove all preserved foliage, twigs, anything that is dry and could be repurposed (we use them in our domes or dried wreaths).

Step 3: Turn your wreath around and find the bind wire we used to secure the foliage. Cut the wire once and turn the wreath back again. 
Warning: be careful NOT to cut the original wire we used to secure the moss!

Step 4: Start folding up your bind wire while removing the foliage. Discard all unwanted foliage and cut the wire when it becomes difficult to handle. Repeat until you end up with a bare moss base and all the wire is securely rolled up.

Step 5: Store your moss base in a dry place all wrapped up. You can soak it and sue it again next year or even as an Easter wreath. The wire may be useful in the garden securing stems or any other craft projects.